5 simple things I do with my son everyday

5 simple things I do with my son everyday to let him know I love him.

*Revealing moment*

One of my biggest fears is that my children will grow up and say that I wasn’t as involved as they wish I had been. I think that’s a fear many fathers have and rightfully so. Our children are our heritage and we don’t want them disappointed or ashamed of that.

That being said, I don’t alway get to spend a ton of time focusing on my son(s) **One is on the way.** Since I’m not always able to make time for my monsters, I try super hard to make sure that no matter what I can do these four things

1. we talk

My son can only say about 5 words semi-clearly: Mommy, Daddy, More, yah, deer. That’s the extent of his vocabulary for now. But just because he can’t say much does not mean he doesn’t have anything to say. Part of me letting my son know I love him is making sure he knows that I will take time to listen to him. Taking time to talk to him won’t only help him feel secure, but it will also help him develop with his speech. I try to ask him 3 questions every night: 1)How was your day? 2) Did you learn anything today? 3) Did you have fun today? These questions are just a general set I use to help me try to communicate with him.

2. we play

Any one and a half-year old will usually have enough energy for 3 kids. Along with that amount of energy comes a parent that wishes they had half of that energy. 9/10 times I will come home and see my wife with this look on her face that says that she needed another 10 cups of coffee, but her body wouldn’t have been happy with that idea. Since I try to be a good husband, (emphasis on the word “try”) One very easy way for me to help her get some time to recoup from her lack of energy is for me to take a few minutes to play with my son. Just so you know, playing is really just me lying down on the floor and letting my son use me as a jungle gym. The few minutes that I do that with him isn’t much, but it means the world to my wife and it’s one of my son’s favorite times of the day. I know this because I can barely get through my door some days without being jumped on by him.

3. I tell him that I love him

I say this as often as possible. He doesn’t entirely know what it means, but he has an idea. Usually, mom and dad follow-up with a kiss when we say that to him. He knows that it’s a happy thing because he smiles when we say it. That happy feeling is really what I want him to feel. I want him to be happy. Specifically, I want him to enjoy being with his mom and I.

4. I make sure he knows that I love Mommy

One of the biggest comforts I had as a kid was knowing my parents were committed to each other. It made me feel secure. Knowing that my dad loved my mom made it so that I never questioned if one of them was going to leave me. I never truly valued that until I got married. Now I can say that after looking back at my child hood, They really took care of me by simply taking care of each other.

5. I pray with him

God is a part of our family. He is the head of our household. Knowing that makes the burden of being parents a lot easier, because taking care of the family is really God’s job. Yes, we do make sure we are wise with what we have. But since God is in control, we have no worries. I want my son to grow up with that kind of dependence on God, because that’s what is going to make him the man who God wants him to be. Along with praying with him, I pray for him. I want him to know that he is so important to me that I’m depending on God to help me guide him to become the man God wants him to be. I have yet to meet a son who didn’t want their dad to pray for them (even if they didn’t believe in God.)

It’s not a big list and it honestly doesn’t take much time to do. All it takes is the effort to make it a priority. Of all my priorities, my family is on the top.


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